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The TAM Rubberstamp Archive started in 1983 by sending out the first sheets into the network Ruud knew then, and is now over 35 years old. Still more contributions come in and only rarely the normal public can get a glimpse of what the archive contains. Several documentations about this archive are previously made, and online a large catalogue is available. (You can find an overview of all important details mentioned in previous publications (see also www.iuoma.org).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Rubberstamp to be used first in NY

A new rubberstamp ordered today. I hope it gets here on time because I intend to use it for the first time in New York when I get there on April 14th. It will be that stamp that travels with me all the time so I can use it as a kind of signature.

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Blogger Schnukster said...

Hey Ruud, Where did you order this stamp from?

3:27 AM  
Blogger Ruud Janssen said...

I created the stamp myself and ordered a single copy from the national rubberstamp company where all firms order their rubberstamps. Every country surely has such a firm. It just costs money to order..

12:36 AM  

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