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The TAM Rubberstamp Archive started in 1983 by sending out the first sheets into the network Ruud knew then, and is now over 35 years old. Still more contributions come in and only rarely the normal public can get a glimpse of what the archive contains. Several documentations about this archive are previously made, and online a large catalogue is available. (You can find an overview of all important details mentioned in previous publications (see also www.iuoma.org).

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

TAM RSA rubberstamp

Special designed rubberstamp for the archive. In an edition of 300 it was made by Wolfgang Hein (from Heindesign in Hagen, Germany). Posted by Picasa

The rubberstamp is sent to contributers of the archive. So you can see who sent in something when a mail-artist uses this rubberstamp on their mail.


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